State Fair

2018 Wyoming State Fair
August 11-12, 2018
Wyoming State Fair
Douglas, Wyoming

Wyoming State Fair judge – Justin Bassett from Texas
Wyoming Dairy Goat Association judge – Lee Bergfield from Illinois

****Links to entry forms coming soon***


All out-of-state exhibitors – print out this press release from the Wyoming Livestock Board and bring to your veterinarian for the ICVI (health certificate). Legible tattoos with accompanying registration certificates are acceptable animal identification. 2018-01 Scrapie-ID-Regs_Press-Release highlighted

If you don’t have a scrapie flock ID number:
Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your USDA Veterinary Services Office or State Office Veterinarian and request that a Flock ID be assigned.

2017 Wyoming State Fair Dairy Goat Show and District VII Specialty Show will be held August 12-13, 2017.

This year our specialty breed is LaMancha. There are both senior and junior doe shows, but no LaMancha buck specialty. The buck show is a typo in the premium book.

Premium book is available at .

Please note their are separate entry forms for the fair and WDGA shows.

Show information: catalog page 67 (pdf page 49)

Entry for Wyoming Dairy Goat Association Show: catalog page 162 (pdf page 147)

Entry for Wyoming State Fair Show:catalog page 153 (pdf page 134)



Entry deadline: July 25, 2017 postmark

Arrival begins: Friday, August 11 at 1 pm
Goats in place: Saturday, August 12 at 1 pm for the WDGA junior doe show and 10 pm for all other shows
WDGA Junior Does: Saturday, 3 pm
WDGA Showmanship: Saturday, 6 pm
WSF Senior Does: Sunday 8 am
WDGA Senor Does: Sunday 9 am
WSF Junior Does: Sunday following WSF senior doe show
Release: Sunday following show, all out by 10 am Monday.


Here is what you need to know:
-The show is in Douglas, Wyoming, north of Cheyenne on I-25, and south of Casper.

-Lodging info is on page 66 (pdf 48), camping info on page 26 (pdf 8) – note that it is highly unlikely you will get a camper spot. There is also a KOA in Douglas.

-There are two sanctioned shows (WSF and WDGA rings), WSF premiums paid by a check in the mail. Junior and Senior Does are separate. Specialty of the year will be LaMancha.

-Judges are Kris Fraley (WSF) and Melinda Butler (WDGA).

-No pen fees. Note the number of pens you need when signing up, but pens are first come, first served.

-As we are part of the first weekend of the fair, there are no parking pass fees or entrance fees!

-There will be Youth Showmanship for the WDGA. This is held Saturday evening. Register on the WDGA form.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For our out-of-state exhibitors:
You may want to remind your veterinarian that dairy goats are considered breeding animals and legible tattoos with accompanying registration papers are considered a nationally acceptable form of identification . Breeding animals are not required to have scrapie ear tags. Your scrapie premise ID number and Wyoming import number should also be on the health certificate. Your vet can get the import number by calling the Wyoming State Veterinarian at  307-777-7571.
If you don’t have a scrapie premise ID number:
Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your USDA Veterinary Services Office or State Office Veterinarian and request that a premises identification number and Flock ID be assigned.