Black Hills Goat Show

  • The Black Hills Dairy Goat Show is on for September 22-23 in Sundance! It will be 2 rings, Jr/Sr/Bucks separately sanctioned for Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Oberhasli, Saanens, AOP, Recorded Grade. Anyone wanting to have a specific breed sanction should contact us ASAP. There will be at least one showmanship class and a select sale in conjunction with the show. Questions can be directed to Frances Loehr or Tanja Miller. They hope to have a website and FB page running soon, we will also advertise on the WDGA Facebook and webpage.
  • The Black Hills Dairy Goat Show welcomes sponsorships of any amount…$20 for class sponsorship, and any larger amounts gladly accepted.


All out-of-state exhibitors – print out this press release from the Wyoming Livestock Board and bring to your veterinarian for the ICVI (health certificate). Legible tattoos with accompanying registration certificates are acceptable animal identification. 2018-01 Scrapie-ID-Regs_Press-Release highlighted

If you don’t have a scrapie flock ID number:
Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your USDA Veterinary Services Office or State Office Veterinarian and request that a Flock ID be assigned.